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Seamless Solutions for Sustainable Urbanisation

Developing a corporate brand narrative involves more than coming up with an “About Us” piece. Rather, it is being able to craft a compelling story that captures collective insights and stakeholders’ vision. We can consider how to structure the brand narrative based on the brand’s positioning, purpose, and essence. These three elements together inspire the brand narrative.

Most recently, Sedgwick Richardson worked on a project that required an aspirational narrative. Working to elevate the client positioning beyond the services and solutions offered. Instead, focusing on sustainable and resilient townships.

Communicating complexity

As an end-to-end master developer for integrated urban developments, Keppel Urban Solutions (“KUS”), a unit of Keppel Group, bring together the Group’s diverse capabilities including energy and environment, infrastructure, urban development, and connectivity. Some of their projects to date include, Tianjin Eco-city, Keppel Bay, Marina Bay Financial Centre, Saigon Sports City, and the Jakarta Garden City.

Their offerings include master planning and urban design, development management, and operations of integrated smart and sustainable urban developments. These come together to create highly liveable, vibrant, smart, and sustainable communities for their projects.

The opportunity was to communicate the complexities and interconnectivity of the KUS offering to effectively and accurately articulate KUS as an end-to-end solutions provider.

Existing proof points linked to existing or in-progress developments across Asia enabled us to develop a robust, aspirational and forward-looking narrative.

Crafting strategic narratives

KUS’ branding journey began with a series engagement sessions to further define proof points and references. We worked closely with the KUS team to distil their core strengths, develop key messaging, and streamline the articulation of a suite of capabilities, building out a strategic and easy-to-digest value proposition.

We built a picture of KUS’ strengths and capabilities, producing the core brand story. Defining the articulation off fifteen core services and solutions was the cornerstone of the new narrative framework, succinctly categorising, articulating and visualising them within an interactive diagram.

A strategic review of all solutions was key to the final articulation presented across, key stakeholder materials which included an interactive city prototype web app and stakeholder presentation documentation.

The final brand narrative and sharpened proposition were a result of a collaborative effort between Sedgwick Richardson and KUS’ diverse stakeholders, who ensured all content crafted was well-grounded.

The final deliverable included a series of modular proposition decks, designed to target different audiences and used across varying presentation scenarios. These deliverables were flexible in that KUS could build on and repackage them for the future. We also worked with the team to reframe their existing projects in line with the proposition and developed content for their interactive township website.

Brand immersion

Understanding the KUS team’s passion for what they were collectively building and the roles each stakeholder played in shaping this offering was inspirational.

A thorough understanding of how each of the service offerings layered together enabled us to accurately depict the complex offering into a compelling brand story around sustainable and resilient townships designed with people at the heart.

The final articulation demonstrated just how interconnected KUS is with its business units within Keppel Group.

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